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COUNTRY: GermanyWEIGHT: 7-8 poundsHEIGHT: Less than 10 inchesCOAT: Medium long, harsh and wiryCOLOR: Black preferred, black/tan, red or dark gray also allowedREGISTRY: FCI, ARC, TKC, CKCGROUP: Terrier

A true toy terrier, the Affenpinscher dog has been in existence for more than 300 years. His origins are difficult to pinpoint, but he is seen in nearly his present form in 17th-century paintings.The Affenpinscher dog may be a miniature form of the wire terrier prototype which came from Nordic dogs, such as the Schipperke. These, crossed with the little pin-schers or with small brachycephalic Pug like dogs from Asia found in Europe, could have created the Affenpinscher. In fact, earlier Affens may have had a longer muzzle, because the Affenpinscher and smooth Miniature Pinscher were at one time considered two coat varieties of the same breed and even occurred in the same litter. Whatever the Affenpinscher dog ancestry, this quaint little dog has earned the description of “monkey dog.” His rather flat, turned-up nose, alert cropped ears, prominent round eyes, bristling eyebrows and bushy mustache and beard all add to this description. The French often call this dog Dia-bletin Moustache, literally the mustached little devil!

Belying his very small size, he is every inch a terrier in personality. He is alert, yet quiet, game and sturdy. The FCI standard translates: a charming mixture of fearlessness, obsti-nancy, loyalty and affection which he will show in rapid change from amusing earnestness to raging passion.”

Regular brushing and tidying up is all the Affenpinscher dog requires to look neat. The tail is docked short. Although not among the most numerous of dogs, the Affenpinscher has his proponents internationally. American and Canadian recognition was granted in 1936 but, perhaps because of the wealth of terrier types already in Britain, he remains virtually unknown there.

Afghan Hound

COUNTRY: AfghanistanWEIGHT: 50-60 poundsHEIGHT: 25-27 inchesCOAT: long, smooth, thick and silky, short snout, with a tuft on the head and none on the wrists.COLOR: Any color; white on head undesirableOTHER NAMES: TaziREGISTRY: FCI, AKC, UKC, TKC, CKCGROUP: Southern

The afghan is galgo running, hunting brave that seems to not know the fear. He never takes a step backwards when his adversary is potentially more fort; its victory is based on the rapidity, the cleverness and in the knowledge of the weak parts of the opposite. He is in addition unique galgo that owns innate aptitudes of shepherd. Many consider the great balance between their character and its aptitudes inexplicable. The hardness with the elegance, the hunting being with the pastoral activities of monitoring seems incompatible in a dog and keeps, which in the afghan is absolutely normal.Galgo of Afghanistan, in spite of being an apparently cold animal, is an extraordinarily sensible dog and, for this reason, it cannot support to pass to background or any attitude that can make him think that it has been delayed. Although it is not constantly realising acts of demonstration of affection towards his master, at no moment it does without the bond of the friendship that it relates to him to the man.