COUNTRY: Austria
WEIGHT: 33-40 pounds
HEIGHT: 13l/2-15 1/2 inches, ideal 14-14 1/2 inches
COAT: Short, coarse and hard
COLOR: Stag red, red with black ticking or black/tan, any white is undesirable
OTHER NAMES: Alpenlandischer Dachsbracke
GROUP: Hound

The Alpine Dachsbracke is a short-legged hound for closer hunting and tracking was developed in Austria, as in other countries. But in the high altitude of the Alps, a larger dachsbracke was necessary, and the Austrian version is slightly bigger than his German cousin, the Westphalian. Like the other dachsbrackes and bassets, this breed has a normal hound body with short but not curved or twisted legs. The Alpine Dachsbracke Dog was created from the indigenous hounds of Austria.

The Alpine Dachsbracke is solid, robust, and heavily muscled, giving him an athletic and agile appearance. The coat, although not wiry, is harsh and dense. His stern, with a brush of hair, is extremely long, nearly reaching the ground. Unlike the Westphalian, this variety has no white markings. The standard lists solid black (without the tan markings), chocolate or gray-blue as disqualifications.

Mainly a coldtrailing hound on deer tracks, in full voice the Alpine Dachsbracke Dog is equally useful after rabbit and fox. The official standard of the breed calls him a “multiple utility dog of the Alpine hunter.” A real professional at his craft, he has found little following outside of local gamekeepers and hunters.