WEIGHT; 65-105 pounds
HEIGHT: 19-25 inches
COAT: Short, smooth
COLOR: Red brindle, all other brindles; solid white, red, fawn or fallow; piebald
OTHER NAMES: Old Country Bulldog, Old English White
GROUP: Mastiff

There are some criadores that think that this race is recent and that comes from crossings between Bulldog, Bullmastiff and Pit Bull Terrier, but its extraordinary similarity with the old Bulldog, the father of all the Bulldog, makes think that this is the contemporary continuation of that one old race that cleared the extinction. The American Bulldog was originated like a working dog (mainly for cattle) and dog of protection, to the south-east of North America. And it was taken very in serious his work, became athletic and strong, where the men of those earth needed to hunt to the wild pigs.

The Bull American Dog is a very muscular race with a very powerful head. They are powerful, at the same time agile and good to jump. Some get to jump more than 1.8 meters in angers. The head is square and widens. The body is generally white with variations of spots of colors coffee, red or gray. The males are characteristic by their firm appearance, whereas the females more are refined. The American Bulldog must generate an impression of great force, agility, resistance and exhibit a robust and compact frame. Normally one appears in white color completely or with some spots of color that extend on one of the eyes, the ears or the tail.

The Bull American Dog brave and is determined, but it is not a hostile dog. It always alerts and very trusting, this race loves the children. It is recognized by his acts of heroism towards his owner. These dogs have fought with wild dogs, bulls and even the fire. Due to its instincts to protect, this race must well be trained to early age. Some can be aggressive with other distrustful dogs and with strange people. They need to be near people, to be completely happy.