HEIGHT: 21-25 inches
COAT: Close and hard, not too short
COLOR: Any color
GROUP: Hound

The origins of this race go back to a pack of Foxhound English that a certain Robret Brooke took to the United States in 1650 to be able to follow in America with its favorite passion, the hunting of the fox (in this case the American gray fox). The following significant fact in history of these dogs took place in 1770, when the one that soon would be first president of the United States, George Washington, bought another pack of Foxhounds in England. Years later, in 1785, another illustrious name, General Lafayette, sent to its friend General Washington some excellent French dogs of hunting. From the different crossovers between these groups from dogs and their descendants it was born what today we know like American Foxhound. The American Kennel Club recognized the race in 1884.

It is an agile and sport dog that is perfectly suitable for its training in the hunting of prey. He is very similar to his British cousin, unless it is thinner of faster type and. It has more feeling of the sense of smell that its cousin. Its coat is short, dense and fine. Most common it is tricolor, a white nose, as well as the neck, chest, belly and legs, the brown head and a long amarronado black patch in the back.