HEIGHT: 18-22 inches
WEIGHT: 50-80 pounds
COAT: Short, smooth
OTHER NAMES: Pit Bull, Pit Bull Terrier
GROUP: Mastiff
Bulldogs and Terriers were developed in the British islands. Both races increased their popularity at the beginning of century 16 when the greater hunting was an important form of entertainment. Great and athletic Bulldogs was used to hunt animal like small and tenacious bulls, deer, wild boars, etc. While the Terriers tejones was sent to the madrigueras to hunt rats, wolves and weasels. The combination of the Bull and Terrier was created when the “bloody Sports”, such as the Bull-baiting and the fights of dogs, were begun to popularize, turning these social activities in synonymous of game and entretención. The Bull-baiting consisted of facing these dogs moored bulls which were destined to the market. Originally this practice had been thought to soften the meat of the beast. On the other hand, these same units carried out fights in a closed sand call “Pit”, and from the name came there to finally pit-fighter (peleador of pit) pit-dog (dog of pit) and pitbull. 1835 these “bloody Sports” they became illegal England. Nevertheless, it is known that to the present time they are realised in circles that border the Mafia and the delinquency.

The head is of length median, of rectangular form; the skull is flat and wide, with prominent cheeks and without wrinkles. The snout is squared, ample and deep. The jaws are prominent and robust. The ears can be cut or no. The eyes are round and dark. Separated to each other and located in a very low position. The back is short and strong, a little bent in the lumbar zone, that must be slightly ascent. The tail is of low insertion that is narrowed towards the end. The legs are great of cleared bones, with cuartillas straight and vertical. The mantle is shining with short and rough hair. Of an ample variety of colors. The weight goes in the females of 13 to 23 kg, and in the males of 16 to 27 kg.

The essential characteristics of American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) are strength, confidence and determination. This race is always eager to please and rebosante of a great enthusiasm. The APBT is an excellent company for the family and it has been always characterized by his love the children. Since the APBT shows some level of aggression other dogs and due to their physical power, the APBT requires an owner will sociabilizará who it and train in obedience. The natural agility of this race makes very good climbers, reason why high defenses and of good quality are an inevitable requirement. The APBT is not the best election for dog guardian since he is extremely friendly, even with strangers. An aggressive behavior towards humans is totally outside the characteristics of this race and is absolutely nondesirable. This race especially is used for yield events, due to its high level of intelligence and its will for the work.