COAT: Thick, close curls
COLOR: Solid, dark chocolate
WEIGHT: 25-45 pounds
HEIGHT: 15-18 inches
GROUP: Gun Dog

This is a race of dog of smaller hunting developed in the United States, mainly in Means the West, and recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1940.Their origins are not very certain. The experts think that he comes from the pull-western regions of the United States. The color, the type of coat and its morphologic conformation suggest descendants of Irish water spaniel and curly coated to retriever.

It is a dog of dimensions medians; robust and muscular, typically spaniel; one is an active dog, of curly coat. Of friendly temperament, its behavior indicates intelligence, force and resistance.

Height between 38 and 45 cm, to the cross. Weight Of 13 to 20 kg for the males, of 12 to 18 kg for the females, in both cases approximately.Its head is of a moderate length, with wide and rather full skull, defined, but not too much pronounced.

In front it covers with short and smooth hairs, without tuft nor crest. Snout of medium length, squaring, without tendency to the pointed form. Maxilares strong and ample, without enognatismo nor prognatismo; well formed right teeth and.

Sufficiently ample nose, with developed graves good, that allow a good perception of the scents. Eyes Hazelnut, chestnut tree of dark tonality conforms to the coat; separated. Alert, attractive, intelligent expression.

Lobulares ears, long and wide, of insertion not too high, as soon as over the line of the eyes. The ear can extend until the end of the nose and is covered with numerous curls. The neck is round and long, strong and muscular, moderately free of papada: it little takes to the head with dignity forming an accentuated arc.

The body well is developed, solidly constituted, but not excessively compact. Extremities of medium length, with good bone, never as short as to prevent the work of the dog. It has a tail median, slightly curved, taken a little below the level of the back. It is sharpened towards the end and is covered in all parts of hair; he is enduring in the action.