WEIGHT: 80-150 pounds
HEIGHT: 27-30 inches
COAT: Short to med
COLOR: Black-masked fawns, tricolors, whites and blacks
OTHER NAMES: Anatolian Karabash Dog
GROUP: Flock Guard

Known with the name dog of Turkish guard, he was during centuries used as dog battle or for the greater hunting. Also used like sheepdog. While it kept the flock the wolves stayed remote. Hard agile, the Shepherd of Anatolia has the strong head and the wide skull, of strong snout and high the small and inserted ears, is taken péndulas. The eyes are dark or brown. The neck is strong and powerful. Of wide and strong body, member musculados with great feet. The back is straight and a little bent in grupa. It takes it to the tail very high, mainly if she is alert. Coat: Short, rough and very dense. Color: Leonado sand or.

Adapted to the life in family he is intelligent and sensible. It owns great protective instinct getting to attack the minimum movement, extremely is distrusted with the strangers and very watchman. Patient protective of the children, but not recommended to play with them.