COUNTRY: Austria
WEIGHT: 26-40 pounds
HEIGHT: 14-20 inches
COAT: Short, smooth
COLOR: The hair is short, in the colors: yellow clear, blond, red dark, black and fire, atigrado, almost always with white spots.e
OTHER NAMES: Osterreichischer Kurzhaariger Pinscher
GROUP: Terrier
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Uncertain origin. It is also defined to him as Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher, but it does not have to be confused with the German Terrier Zwergpinscher, that is a small dog of company. One is a very old race as they attest many of his picture representations and engravings of the medieval time. From her it would derive the Dobermann.

At present, it is becoming more and more rare exactly by his similarity with that one race that has a greater acceptance between those than they love a defense and day-care center dog and, on the other hand, the one that a company dog looks for chooses to the Dwarfed Pinscher (Zwergpinscher).

The tail of high starting, coiled on the back in the form of horn, can be or not amputated.