WEIGHT: 33-55 pounds
HEIGHT: 18-22 inches
COAT: Thick, long, and "tassled"; curly or wavy
COLOR: Black, chestnut
OTHER NAMES: Griffon d'Arret a Foil Laineux
GROUP: Gun Dog

He is relative of many water dogs, although their origins are quite vague. At the moment this race is causing fervor after having been on the verge of disappearing.

Heavy and a little slow, the Barbet has noticeable the round head, stop and brown or black truffle, with testuz wide and short. The round eyes and places setting of pelambrera. Of powerful and dumpy neck. The ears long, flat and are taken péndulas. It takes it to the tail low. Deep chest, bent back and hard. Of wide and great feet. Its coat is heavy, place setting of woolly and uneven hairs. Its coat is leonado, sand, black and gray.

Intelligent and audacious, he is sensible to the cold and the humidity. Its character is balanced and calm, of a vigorous and vital temperament. It is friendly and easy to educate. He is glad and funny, demonstrating great fidelity to his master.

Their dense and woolly coat makes of him a good hunter in the investigation in the water and is easy to educate for this sport. It is also a homemade and familiar dog.

The woolly coat is due to cut to him or to alter regularly. Its education must be full of affection and patience. If it is born with tail it is not necessary to amputate it. By the others, it especially does not require any care.

The nutritional needs for this dog, calculated like ration of maintenance, between the 1,250 and 1,450 Ias Kcal. daily. It is an animal that, with respect to its diet, does not require particular attentions. The mineral-vitaminic contribution is necessary mainly for the females during the gestation and lactancia like also for the puppies during the weaning.