COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 40-60 pounds
HEIGHT: 14 inches,
COAT: Short and smooth
COLOR: Any hound color
GROUP: Hound

The Basset Hound is a dog of hunting of low elevation in the cross, long body, short and strong legs, long ears and a sense of the extremely developed sense of smell. It is used to him generally for the hunting of deer, among others animal hares and vixens like the pheasant since its hunting more is specialized. It is so good in huntings of pack like by itself. The origin of this race data of end of century XIX, when a French dog was cruzado with a Blood Hound.

It is a race that is showy for any person who crosses itself a unit due to her proportions, their long ears, her eyes tristontes and its majestic head.

Due to his peculiar physical aspect, it is a popular and easily recognizable race for all type of cinofilos fans and even for people with little knowledge of canine races, reason why it reunites to many admirers and fans to his young, essentially in the countries of Anglo-Saxon origin, countries in which have a great acceptance and where the most wonderful and unusual race of all the dogs is considered.

The Basset Hound is of French origin (of there its name, “Basset” that means “small” or “dwarf” in French, and of English “hound”, which it means “bloodhound”, thus its name tends to be “dwarfed bloodhound”) of chaste nobleman and direct descendants of the bloodhound of San Huberto. Huberto, was a nobleman become fond of to the hunting, that became to the Christian faith; it was canonized to him turning it into the landlord of the hunters. The Basset Hound was developed from unit of these bloodhounds of powerful body, something slow and of short legs and also of the Norman Artesian Basset.

Due to its superiority on most of the dogs of tracking in the France of that one time, they were distributed by all the European nobility, being incorporated to the used establishments to hunt, affecting essentially, in the definition of many races.

From there, one moved to England, where Lord Galway mattered, in 1866, a pair of Basset called “Basset” and “Belle”, originating of the deposit of count of Him Coutulex it crossed and them, obtaining a litter of five puppies. This task was continued as of 1872 by Lord Onslow, that had the first pack of this race.

Although the origin of the race is in France, paradoxicalally, considers a race of Great Britain, as it can be verified in the standard of the race with number 163 of the ICF.