COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 18-30 pounds
HEIGHT: under 13 in and 13-15 inches;
COAT: Short, smooth and dense
COLOR: Any color allowed
GROUP: Hound

Beagle is a canine race of original hunting of Europe.The origins of beagle are confused and remote. In year 350 a. C. Jenofonte already described to bloodhounds who agree in the majority of details with beagle. According to it is created were the Romans took who them to England as hunters of rabbits and once were cruzados with bloodhounds of the place there. Talbot Houndson is considered the ancestors of the Southern Hound, beagle, and foxhound.Between the 1300 and the 1400 beagles reached a high degree of popularity between the British monarchs. Eduardo II and Enrique VII already had packs of Glove Beagles, calls thus by so large reduced his, fitted in a glove and Isabel I had Beagles that only 22 centimeters measured. The packs of bloodhounds were popular in almost all the great rustic properties. Towards the 1400, the Beagles already had extended by Great Britain, Italy, Greece and France thus increasing their popularity.

On the 1700, two types of bloodhounds specialized in the hunting of the rabbit existed: the Southern Hound, and the quickest North Country Beagle. Due to the great height that was undergoing the hunting of the fox the Beagles was withdrawing more and more, in favor of the Foxhounds. Luckyly for the existence of the Beagle, the farmers in England, Ireland and Wales continued maintaining packs with which they left to hunt.

At the beginning of the decade of 1870, the Beagle gives the jump to the United States, where he became very popular. Norman Elmore of New Jersey and general Richard Rowet, of English Illinois concerned Beagles of excellent type and pedigrí and little by little began to the idea to take to registries of the matings and litters for a greater control of the race. Until that moment, the English Beagle had been trained mainly to persecute vixens, and had been bred to reach a height of 37-42 centimeters in the cross. Reverendo the Phillip Honeywood raised its pack of Essex (England) harnessing its hunting abilities without concerning the appearance to him, whereas his compatriot Thomas Johnson was in charge to raise lines of Beagle that could as much hunt as to see itself attractive. In America, nevertheless the Beagle was bred with the purpose of to reduce its height. At the moment, it is not difficult to find Beagles of a height of only 25 or 30 centimeters in the cross.

Throughout this period of time, the Beagle was seen strictly as a dog of hunting, bred and being trained exclusively for it. It has not been until later when the Beagle began to become popular by its qualities like company animal. Nevertheless, in spite of it the Beagle always has been and will be very united to the hunters. The Beagle is orginario of the race Basset Hound. It is considered that this dog is weaker than the Basset Hound and other bloodhounds. By the little duration of its bones. When these dogs suffered physical damages were rescued by dogs like San Bernardo and the English Mastín or the Neapolitan.