COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: The weight is around 20 kilos to 30.
HEIGHT: It measures of 53 to 56 centimeters in males and of 51 to 53 centimeters in the females.
COAT: Long, harsh, dense
COLOR: Black/brown/fawn,/blue
GROUP: Herding

The Collie Barbudo or Bearded Collie is a dog of work coming from Great Britain. Initially known like Highland Collie, the Beraded Collie is an active animal that intensely enjoys the life outdoors and to miso time, constitutes a perfect companion for the domestic life. Its aspect is very similar to the one of antigu English Shepherd although he is smaller and slim it owns a whole tail.

Intelligence and friendship define the behavior of an animal that includes/understands quickly what it is expected of him. He is calm without approaching the apathy and cheers without getting to be cargante. Without a doubt it is with the children with whom east shepherd demonstrates his better qualities. It becomes patient surprising when it is with them, playing untiringly, reducing very instinctively his march. No gesture nor movement some for the small boy will suppose fright, who will ncontrará in the Bearded to the most loyal friend. The Bearded Collie is conscious of its enchantment and knows to use it. It will resort to the funniest mímicas so that they pardon any triviality to him that has done.

With the strangers he is not aggressive, reason why his value as guardian limits itself the warning with his barks. It will accept to the visitor and one will be friendly or indifferent, according to it seems to him. The Bearded enjoys the people they need and them to be of the good humor. They are excellent animal of company that, although they enjoy like anybody the abierto space, adapt without problems to coexist in inner atmospheres as long as it has very abundant exercise since it is not a calm dog to be locked up all the day in an apartment. Usually they scare the strong noises like thunders or rockets to them.

There are few comparable so beautiful images with a Bearded Collie running on a meadow. The incredible speed that it develops, their skill and its coat waving itself to the wind, remember observant surprising that it is before a true animal of work… before a true ovejero dog, and that the peasant is compatible with the beauty. The origins of the family of the Collie are not known exact way, but it was created that of his antecesoros they could be old present races of dogs of Escosia. The Bearded Collie is born to pirncipios of century XVI in High Territories of Escosia to become the inseparable friend of the shepherds who to date continue them using like pastoreros dogs.

Historians of Great Britain assure that in the exchanges, that then were common, the Scot used to offer cereals of high earth in exchange for flocks of ewes, sheepdogs including, who received from the Central Europeans. In fact there are some who assure that escosses changed to Poles two of their sheep by two Polish shepherds (other historians say that they were 3 dogs). Thus (Polish Shepherd) arrives at British earth the Nizziny, and the caretakers of ewes find a companion intelligent, able to be related and to lead to its flocks like until then no other did.

But their size and contexture were not preparations for as aggressive lands as the Scot and once again, nature and needs were allied and the Nizziny of the place began to cross themselves the sheepdogs until obtaining to an animal with the skill and agility necessary to do their work, and the temperament and intelligence essential to accompany them: The Bearded Collies. The race was on the verge of disappearing at the beginning of century XX, although grace to the crossing of a pair in 1994 resurged.