COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 17-23 pounds
HEIGHT: 15-17 1/2 inches
COAT: Mixture of hard and soft hair that has a tendency to curl, crisp but not wiry
COLOR: Blue, blue/tan, sandy, sandy/tan, liver, liver/tan
GROUP: Terrier

The Bedlington to terrier is a race of dogs that was bred in century XIX in Northumberland, England, and thus named by the urban area of Bedlingtonshire.
Initially established as a chaste one of fight and hunts, the race later became a popular mascot. Bellwether seemingly, has a bent back, copete and thickness curly coat that can be of several colors, or grayish, reddish or clear coffee and often of sandy aspect.

The race measures approximately 38-40 cm standing up and weighs between 10 y11 kg.