WEIGHT: 57-84 pounds
HEIGHT: 22-24 inches
COAT: Abundant, long, hanging in cords
COLOR: gray, flecked with black, tan or white
OTHER NAMES: Bergamaschi, Bergamese
Shepherd, Cane da Pastore Bergamasco
GROUP: Herding

The Bergamasco is an original race of dog of Italian the Alps, employee like sheepdog. Its aspect remembers to the one of the komondor, Hungarian dog.

The Italian ovejeros are descending of the Persians, although its type is very specific, they are looked very in particular like all the races arisen from these great molosos and to the Hungarian dogs.

The dogs of Bergamo and Maremmo are the oldest varieties of the ovejeros more extended by Italy and. The Barbarian caravans that crossed the Alps caused the dispersion of this race and they were crossed other dogs of the zone, which brought about a mestization in its genetic characteristics, entering the forgetfulness, but at the beginning of century XX enthusiastic lovers of this race found some units in the Valley of Bergamo, where the villagers that lived in high mountains, owned pure animal working and reproducing, this way exemplary of this mystical race they continued living avoiding his extinction gaining the name on “bergamasco”, the Valley of Bergamo is therefore considered, from this point of view, authentic an ecological niche.

It presents/displays certain similar with the Ovejero de Brie, by the way exists a controversy on the part of the Italian cinóflos and French, these maintain that bergamasco was originated of the Brie, but the Italians maintain that he is the other way around, that is that the brie was originated of bergamasco, the foundation is a hypothesis on the Eastern origin of the European ovejeros and if they are considered as they were the communication channels when the migrations were verified towards the West of the Eastern canine races, would not be explained as the old Asian dog could arrive at France before to Italy, more neighboring geographically.