COUNTRY: Switzerland
WEIGHT: 88 pounds
HEIGHT: 23-271/2 inches
COAT: Moderate length hair, straight or wavy but never curly
COLOR: Classic Swiss coloring, black/tan with white markings
OTHER NAMES: Berner Sennenhund
GROUP: Mastiff

The shepherds of the Alps Berneses have been used by centuries like animal of shot and caretakers of flocks. These dogs take the name from the region where it is them. Their characteristics are similar to the Mastines and it thinks that they descend from the Molosos. They are related with San Bernardo and Newfoundland.

The Bernesse is known the Swiss mountain dogs. They are used, in its country of origin, like dogs of company and shot whereas in other countries one has become like a domestic dog and offerer in exhibitions popular, by its facility in the training in spite of its great size. It is a dog of great beauty and has certain similar with the shepherd.