WEIGHT: 55-66 pounds
HEIGHT: 61 to 67 cm
COAT: Short and smooth
COLOR: Pure white, with orange or lemon spots on head and body
GROUP: Hound

Dog of French sign of relatively great size, with layer of smooth hair, hunting exceptional, equipped with great sense of smell, optimal resistance and good speed, is used in the hunting straddling the hare, of corzo and the wild boar. Its main characteristic is in the layer of smooth hair, it last to the tact, frequently heavy, that can completely be white, target-coffee with milk, target with spots, a chair to mount or “capita” on the back, of orange color, more or less intense.

The east origin dog must look for later enters the white Dogs of the King, so appreciated by Luis XIV and dispersed by its successor Luis XV.

He was the Mr. of Montaimboeuf that, using the few rest, determined a race that took its name. Successively Hublot du Rivault formed a numerous pack of Céris dogs, created by the homonymous Mr. of Céris crossing small originating dogs of Switzerland – the white and orange layer with the surviving white dogs of the King. Finally, later, the own Hublot du Rivault crossing a male of Poitevin-Larye some Céris females and later crossing these products a stallion Montaimboeuf, obtained dogs with white and orange the layer, that constitute the ancestors of the present Billy. Towards end of century XIX, the race was definitively fixed having these dogs to France, a fast diffusion, until the point to form quite numerous packs.

Of solid structure, powerful and at the same time elegant, the Billy is a dog (of long line with thin head and good truffle developed, to eyes bivouacs, abiertos and dark and the trunk slightly extended with the solid line superior.

Head. Quite fine and lean, of average length. Relatively squared snout. Developed, black truffle or or brown-orange intense. Quite long, straight nasal cane and widens. Little lips: the lip superior covers a little to the inferior. Noticeable Stop. In front slightly convex a little widens.