HEIGHT: 23-27 inches
COAT: Short and dense
COLOR: Black with tan points
OTHER NAMES: Black and Tan Coonhound
GROUP: Hound

Approximated size of adults. The approximated size of adults (two years or more) of the men Black and So Coonhound is 25 to 27 inches to the cross (higher point of the shoulder) and the females go from 23 to 25 inches to the cross. They weigh of 50 to 75 pounds with the men are heavier.

The Black and So Coonhound is a friendly dog that was bred in the United States to the trees scent to hunt raccoons and other animal. They prefer to remain outdoors, and can tolerate the heat and the cold. They need much exercise and is better than she has them in a farm or to have much properly fence in the zone so that she executes inches They are good dogs of guard and, generally, to work well with other dogs. They from time to time must be cepillado but that needs ordinary maintenance ear. They have low capacity of formation so that generally they are not trained for other tasks besides the hunting. They are good with children majors, but he cannot tolerate that youngest. Simply a reminder, never to leave to the children of any age without supervision with a puppy of dog or any period of time.

It salutes to all the way of return to bloodhounds extinguished in century XI, more Bloodhound, the American Foxhound and the English Foxhound. Mountain town of the United States of Virginia, The Great Smoky Mountains and the developed Ozarks the race to the trees and to hunt raccoons generally game. The American Kennel Club registered for the first time in 1945.