HEIGHT: 25-28 inches
COAT: 2-4 inches, coarse, dense
COLOR: Black or salt/pepper
OTHER NAMES: Chornyi, Terrier Noir Russe
GROUP: Terrier

It is a very recent race. It was created privily, military secret, by the Russian army shortly after World War II…

When we spoke of the history of the BRT we can talk about to different things.

We can want to speak, that is to say, of the “history of the race” of how “the BRT from races – or conformed more was constructed less” officially already existing.

We can speak of the lines of blood or “tendencies” within the race.

We can speak of the dogs that have more influenced in the development and height of the race.

We can speak of how the race in Spain was introduced and by whom.

We can speak of many things…

In these lines we are going to try to approach to us together all that information that is, in the majority of the cases, little, and/or of difficult location; centering to us, so far, in the history proper of the race.

In some cases, the information you are going it to you to find here directly and in Spanish (translated by my) and in others, perhaps more, “I will resend to you” by means of a Link to pages in English in which the information is more complete and detailed.

I do not try with these notes to make an exhaustive route on the origin and history of the TRN. Unfortunately, even today, the information that there is on the matter is little and of very difficult location. For that reason and of entrance, I excuse myself worse if in this “brief and incomplete history” there is some lagoon or, still, vagueness or inaccuracy. I also notice, that the translation is often “free” when, to mention only a pair of examples, in some pages on the history of the race reference can be found as one of the young groups or used races at the outset to create to the TRN to “Moscow great damages”(Great moscovita Danish) that is a race that, officially and that I know, she does not exist. T

he translation would be, thus comes in other pages “Moscow mastiff” (moscovita Mastiff) and, already in Spanish,“moscovita Mastín”. Or “outcharkas” or, in another “graphical transliteration” “ovcharkas” that is mentioned in many cases like race used in the origin of the TRN but, also in many cases, without specifying what “sub-group” or specific race of ovcharkas. The Ovcharka is a Russian ovejero dog that corresponds in fact with several races(Caucasian or Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka – what we know like Dog of Shepherd of the Caucasus or, more briefly, Shepherd of the Caucasus; Asian power station – already brief, the Shepherd of Central Asia; South Russian – Ioujnorousskaïa Ovtcharka or Perro of shepherd of Russia Meridional- and East European who, at the moment, are not a race recognized by the F.C.I. – Canine Federation the International and that can be translated like Dog of Shepherd of East Europe – its origin, apparently is in the I World war and by means of the crossing between German Shepherd and Russian Dogs of Shepherd).

And, lamentably, we do not have to anybody “by hand” to ask to him what race or group of races was exactly the one that was used and in which case. And, in addition, since it has been said in different sites from these pages, this one is a “work” of spreading done by a fan to the race. Without more pretensions… In any case, slope of “revision” of this article, in that already I am working, that will be more complete, yes I point here some masterful lines to understand “approximately” how this race was created.