WEIGHT: 71-77 pounds
HEIGHT: 25-28 inches
COAT: Short and smooth, but not too fine
COLOR: Tricolor; body predominantly white
OTHER NAMES: Large Blue Gascony Hound
GROUP: Hound

In the middle of century 19, Count Joseph de Carayon-Latour wanted to restore the race of the Dogs of Saintonge, that was in decay. For it, he united to the last descendants of this race with the Bleus de Gascogne of Baron de Ruble, creating therefore the Gascon Saintongeois, but at the same time bringing about the disappearance of the Dog of Saintonge.

It is used for the hunting with gun, and some times like bloodhound in the hunting, for the greater hunting or also of the hare. It hunts generally in pack, or only, like sign finder.
Very a well construído is dog, that at the same time gives the elegance and force appearance. Its type is very French, concerning the head, the coat and the expression.