WEIGHT: 40-50 pounds
COAT: Short and smooth
COLOR: Gunmetal gray, tan
GROUP: Herding

The name of this dog comes from the Lacy family. The Lacy brothers (Frank, George, Erwin and Harry) arrived from Kentucky in 1858, settling in granite hills near Marble Fall, Texas.

The Blue Lacy was the main companion of tasks of the American colonists, for more than a century in the farms of the southwest of the United States. They are now chaste the most common one used by the Tramperos of EE.UU. thinks themselves that these dogs comes crosses from it of the Greyhound, Scenthound and the Coyote, like also of the Italian Galgo.

Description: The coat of the Blue Lacy is smooth and signs, exceptionally clean in its appearance. The origin of the coat of blue color and the nose, are a genetic peculiarity. It is a dog of medium size, muscular body and signs. Their Eyes are of tonalities yellow oranges and, that give to this race a seal him unmistakable.