WEIGHT: 45-80 pounds
HEIGHT: 21-27 inches
COAT: Short and dense and coarse
COLOR: Tricolor, with heavy black ticking in white areas
GROUP: Hound

The Bluetick CoonHound is very used in the United States and Canada like dogs for the hunting of Leon Americano or Puma, Lynx, Cat Mounts, Bears, Raccoons and some other species smaller. Balances are dogs very and sociable, they are of short hair and tightened and they do not require of taken care of majors, they support to the hot climates and colds, proof of this is that they are used for the hunting in the heat of winter between the snow and during the summer in the nights or to total sun which does not seem to bother to them at all.

The appearance of the Bluetick is of a quick dog, of great musculatura, strong body, clear eyes, its voice is half cavernous and changes according to is developed the hunting, prominent Stop, bitten of scissors, dark eyes slightly torn coffee, with a height the males from 22 to 27 ” (56 to 69 Cms.) and the females from 21 to 25 ” (53 to 64 Cms.), Dark or Speckled color preferably of Blue appearance of Black, the weight in the males is of 25 to 36 kgs. and the females of 20 to 30 kgs.