WEIGHT: 5 1/2-9 pounds
HEIGHT: 10-12 inches
COAT: Long, soft, tufty hair without undercoat
COLOR: White, with blond markings are allowed
OTHER NAMKS: Bichon Bolognese
GROUP: Gun Dog

The Bolognese Dog is a white, graceful small dog and cheers that it delighted you cut European by several centuries. This race is natural Bologna, to the north of Italy. Its existence since the beginning of century XIII is documented. Really this is one of those races of small dogs that have been perpetuated with the fundamental idea to create an adorable mascot. It demonstrates great affection by his master, who it follows all the day if it has been allowed him. Very good with the children of the house, as always, the infantile abuses cannot be allowed. Perfect for the life in apartment or interior of the house.

The Bolo6nian Bichón in English it is known him by “Bolognese” and “Bichon Bolognese”.

Relation of canine bunds that recognize this race. Useful references to consider the popularity of this race, the realised effort to maintain defined it, to obtain advising before acquiring a puppy of pure blood, and seeing this race compete.

To the Bolo6nian Bichón usually they assign the Dogs of Company, or in the Toy Dogs. American Kennel Club: AKC (the United States). In the Foundation Service Stock. United Kennel Club: UKC (the United States). Accepted in 1995.
American Rare Breed Association: ARBA (the United States).
The Kennel Club: KC (Great Britain).
Federation Cynologique Internationale: The ICF (Belgium, with bunds affiliates in practically everybody).

The measures vary between the different canine bunds from the world. We present/display relative numbers that as large as give to an idea the race and its appearance. If it wishes to exhibit his dog, consults the measures of the federation where it wishes to compete.