COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 30-45 pounds
HEIGHT: 18-20 inches
COAT: Medium-long (up to 3 inches), thick, straight
COLOR: Black, blue, chocolate, red
GROUP: Herding

The Border collie (also Collie call of the border) is a race of shepherd dog. It belongs to Group I of the ICF (pasturing dogs). Very sociable, very it is known thanks to his capacity to learn. It is the used race more in agility, pasturing, and any activity that an agile dog requires, untiring and obedient

The name of this race indicates its origin partly (border-border). In the border between Scotland and England this race with the idea was selected during centuries to create a dog able to work during days in the hardest lands. The Border Collie was developed in Scottish high earth with the purpose of to shepherd in hard lands. At first, this race arrived at the British islands between centuries V and I a. C. since some of the communities celtas that crossed Europe installed in the region of Ireland with their cattle and its dogs. From the name collie, “useful” comes there in Wales, language of these tribes. Soon those groups went away transferring to the Scottish region where, in its high earth, the race arose from the Highlands Collie; and this one gave rise, in the zone between Scotland and England, to the Border Collie (of the English: “Collie of the border”).