WEIGHT: 25 pounds maximum
HEIGHT: 15-17 inches
COAT: Short, smooth
COLOR: Brindle/white markings
GROUP: Mastiff

Boston to terrier is a race of dog of North American origin. They are ready and friendly dogs, used mainly like company dogs. Between the main qualities that do of this race of dog the favorite of many are their glad character, and its small size, optimal for spaces small and apartments. In addition, the Boston to terrier is very clean dogs, as much by instinct as so that their short hair and to its do it size very easy to maintain. They live around 12 years.

The Boston to terrier is a small dog, of compact constitution and square characteristics. It has a snout flattened, similar to the one of the Bulldog, but without folded skin. The length of the snout is of around a third of the length overall of the skull. Their ears small and are raised, being able to cut to maintain a balance with the head of the animal. It presents/displays a nose widens and black, with ample and well separated nasal orifices. It has eyes great, round and dark, located in right angle in the skull, well separated the one of the other. Its tail is short, like its extremities, that are anguladas and strong. It is a robust dog, and their extremities must have a proportional relation with the size from the body of the animal