COUNTRY: Belgium
WEIGHT: 55 pounds
HEIGHT: Medium
COAT: 2 inches long, rough, wiry
COLOR: Any color
OTHER NAMES: Ardennes Cattle Dog
GROUP: Herding

Dog cowherd, ordered to take care of and to take bovine flocks. In spite of its so particular aspect, appearance of ewe with its fleecy layer and thickens, is an intelligent and sweet dog. Of body squared, and hard compact, it is characterized by his raised thick eyebrows, their thick moustache and its disorderly beard. In their head the straight ears and their dark eyes of enduring glance rise that denotes its great value and nobility. The tail is cut to him until the second vertebra and some times are born without tail. Its height is between the 62 to 68 cm in the males and its weight can go up to around the 40 kg. Its coat is of double castrates and a little disorderly. The outer hair is rough to the tact and approximately of 6 cm in length and the inner hair is fine and rough. The color can leonado or black, black and white and gray and be atigrado.

As we said previously the Bouvier De Ardennes has been used like dog of pasturing and cowherd. At the moment it carries out works with the police to rescue wounded, has fulfilled the messenger task in the guardian war, becoming an excellent dog of family. It unfolds much joy and activity with intelligence and value, stand out their qualities like protector and guardian. He is faithful and docile, great capacity to learn with facility and to lead themselves his activity with passion.