COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 53-71 pounds
HEIGHT: 22 1/2-25 inches
COAT: Short and smooth
COLOR:Brindle or Fawn, with or without white.
GROUP: Mastiff

Between his physical characteristics they are a strong head, jaw prognática inferior, snout with a characteristic black mask, traditionally the criadores cut the ears so that they rather seemed long and located in stop, eyes brown dark, truffle widens and black, strong, round and muscular neck; ample chest and muscular back quarters good. With the legislations of protection of the animal the cut one of ears and the tail of these animal has been prohibited, and therefore the standard of beauty has modified. Ears fallen and flat on both sides of the head, that give a character him “of the eternal puppy”. Bóxer has a coat short, shining and smooth, of golden or atigrado color. Some times it presents/displays white spots. The male measures between 57 and 63 cm of height to the cross and weighs between the 25 and 35 kilos, the female measures between 53 and 59 cm and weighs about 28 kilos.

They are very appropriate like dogs of company, family and in the deal with the children, besides good dogs of work and deports. Also they are recommended by specialists to help to people with psychological deficiencies, this is a clear test of its docilidad. Its training is recommended to early age, because boxers is used to having a strong personality, making its training much more difficult when he is adult. They are very juguetones, reason why they do not like to be locked up, prefer to be outdoors, for that reason it is necessary to walk them often and to do something of exercise with them. They are in addition dogs with a great capacity to learning.