WEIGHT: 49-62 pounds
HEIGHT: 22-24 inches
COAT: Short, fine, and shiny
COLOR: Black and white; roaning in the white is desirable to create a blue effect; black must appear on head, covering eyes and ears
OTHER NAMES: Bleu d'Auvergne, Auvergne
GROUP: Gun Dog

he origins of this dog are surrounded in more or less credible legend.
Some affirm that they were the Templarios that, in the Low Average Age took, it to Auvergne (from which it would take his name).

Others say that its mother country of origin would be Malta, of where arrived at France at the time at which the island was governed by the Sovereign Order of the Horsemen, many of which were French.

Anyway, their presumed origins in absolute purity are not for anything trustworthy, since it has settled down clearly that in his definitive construction it has contributed, towards half of the last century, the Pointer. that it contributed to speed and refinement to him of sense of smell.

Black truffle, shining, excels a little over the lips, with open nasal graves good. Quite consistent lips, descend to give to the snout a square appearance. Quite strong jaws, of equal length. Stop not very marked.
Skull: oval in the later part. In front developed, but not excessively in length.
Prominent superciliary arcs good.