WEIGHT: 45-71 pounds
HEIGHT: 22 l/2-27 inches
COAT: Short, thick, dense
COLOR: Chestnut patches with white
OTHER NAMES: Large French Pointer; French Pointer, Pyrenees type
GROUP: Gun Dog

Pyrenean braco French or, is an original race of dog of France. It was developed in the Pyrenean region of France near the border with Spain. It is rare outside its region of origin.

It is of medium size, muscular and quite light body. The length of the snout is slightly shorter than the one of its skull, being this almost flat one or slightly cleared. The nose is of brown color and is stuck to its lips, eyes brown dark or brown yellow. The tail is left the natural one, or cuts or released. The coat is short and fine with the white color with brown patches or black spots or. Its weight goes from 37 to 55 pounds and their measures from 18.5 to 23 from shoulders.