WEIGHT: 35^0 pounds
HEIGHT: 19-20 inches
COAT: Flat, fine, only of moderate length, with a bit of a wave; some minimal fringe of ears, underside and back of legs
COLOR: Orange/white, liver/white in USA;
International and French standards also allow black/white or tricolor; can have ticking, but clear colors preferred
OTHER NAMES: Epagneul Breton, Brittany Spaniel
GROUP: Gun Dog
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The origin of the Brittany is very discussed. According to the dog breeders it is of French native origin; defined “Spanish” not because it comes from Spain, but by the derivation of the verb to espanir, that in French means to curl up itself, to ease up or to hide. Typical action of this dog when one comes near the prey.

According to another hypothesis, the Spanish Breton is fruit of crossings between the White and Orange Setter with French dogs, identified not well. Of any way that is their history the Spanish Breton appears for the first time in the French exhibition, in 1896.

Whereas its official recognition data of 1938. This demonstrates how this race, passed diverse vicissitudes before having a standard.

The males, of the 48 to 50 centimeters and females, from 47 to 49. It is a robust dog of squared, elegant and vigorous aspect. Its skull is medium with the snout shorter than straight he and. The eyes are of color dark amber and the ears, of it implants stop and short.

The hair of the body fine, flat and is slightly waved. The colors are: brown, white target and orange, black and white, tricolor or ruano with one of the mentioned colors.