COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 52-62 pounds
HEIGHT: 21-22 inches
COAT: Smooth, short
COLOR: White, or any color other than white
GROUP: Mastiff

The Bull Terrier or Bull English Terrier is a race of dog of the family of terrier. The standard of Bull Terrier is strong, muscular and of short hair. The accepted colors are the target and any other color different from the target, including spots of other colors. They are habitual the Bull Terrier tricolors (black, brown and white, with predominance of the black or the brown one) and those of pure white color or with spots in the head.

The characteristics of the Bull Terrier are the oval form of their head, that of profile downwards curves from the part superior of the skull to the end of the snout. The forehead is flat of ear ear, front the head has the form of an egg. And the eyes in triangular form.

Weight limits of or stature does not exist, but the unit must give to an impression of the maximum solidity in relation to its distinguishing characteristics and sex, but they can reach the 35 kg.

The crossing of the races, now extinct, Old English Bulldog and Old English Terrier gave rise to a new called race Bull and Terrier, at the end of century XVIII in Great Britain. Also they appear genetic signs of the Dalmatian in the Bull Terrier, concretely in the spots that usually appear in the skin of the zone of the stomach.

Towards 1860, the Bull and Terrier was divided in two branches, the Bull pure white Terrier and the varieties of color that frequented the fights of dogs until they were clear finally like legitimate race of dog.

Although the race arose from fight dogs, the Bull Terrier grew up to be a dog of exhibition and company.