COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 40-55 pounds
HEIGHT: 12-14 inches
COAT: Short, smooth
COLOR: Red brindle, white and red-fawn or yellow
OTHER NAMES: English Bulldog
GROUP: Mastiff

The Bulldog or English Bulldog is an original race of dog of Great Britain.

This race initially was used for bets in fights of dogs, during century XVII (in 1835 this practical one it was prohibited in England).

Its origin is in the “old thal Greek dog”, kelb gliet, or Maltese dog of bulls: a race concerned to England, that crossed old mastines gave rise to the old English bulldog.

The bulldog of long ago was lighter and similar to the Boxer that to the dumpy present bulldog; it was a purely sport animal. It was used in the creation of other races like: Bullmastiff, Boxer, Bull Terrier, and some bloodhounds like the Beagle of old type. Like fight dog it was an animal that only accepted the animal challenge majors such as bears, bulls and even from Leon.

The origin of the name must to the fact of being a dog of butchers, that is to say, its function was to make run to the bulls, to think that thus its meat was smoother. Although it is probable that it is a deformation of the Band name dog or “seasoned dog”.

It is necessary to consider that bulldogs old they do not have to do nothing with the present one, were only modified with crossings with other races like the Pug or Carlino; race of which buldog inherited his flattened snout as well as its regordeta musculatura.

Bulldogs old were dogs of variable aspect, dogs of snout sometimes extended and all the colors. It has to consider that old buldog was a work animal in which much importance occurred him to the character.

The present English bulldog is an animal oriented to the competition in exhibitions of beauty. He is intelligent, clean and very tame; it is an excellent animal of company.