COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 110-130 pounds
HEIGHT: 25-27 inches
COAT: Smooth, short
COLOR: Red, fawn, brindle, sometimes with black mask
GROUP: Mastiff

Bullmastiff is a British race of dog that, according to is created, comes from the crossing between mastín English and bulldogs.

The race has its official origin in Great Britain by the end of century XIX and the first standard (description of the set of racial characteristics) dates from 1924, date in which was approved by the Kennel British Club. Later, the American Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, the Sheiko Kennel Club, the Australian Kennel Club and the own Federation Cynologique Europèene wrote up other standards, similars in their conception although, some of them show certain differences.

In the past it was used, in England, like guardian of the great deprived boundaries of the landowners, in order to persecute and to catch the furtive hunters; the Peiki dog developed its activity of harassment and demolition pushing the thieves with the weight of its body and lying down them raises, to immobilize them, without using its powerful mouth. The reason so that the attack of this dog was materialized in the use of the corporal force but not in the bite came dice by the Forest Laws that reign from century XII in England. Still nowadays its form of attack and defense is characteristic, and is very appreciated, because it measures very well his force and it never attacks to make blood. And the one is exactly this characteristic that distinguishes of other molosoides races that are much more quick and quick in the bite, inferring great damages to him to its prey, are these other dogs, other animal or people.

It is possible to say that even though officially is defined to the race like original of the United Kingdom, the certain thing is that long before its approval like such race on the part of the Kennel Club and of the preparation of its racial standard (that has varied very little from its approval in 1924), the certain thing is that in the Iberian Peninsula they still more existed exemplary of similar morphology, as they demonstrate the engravings to it of Goya (c.1800) and, the oil of great proportions, titleholder “Patio of horses of the old place of Madrid, before the bullfight”, of Manuel Castilian, that dates from 1853 and which it portrays two dogs that could well happen through Bullmastiffs modern.

In fact, with much anteriority, dogs of bulls” in the Iberian Peninsula existed already “that were very appreciated by their bravery and power; as much so the own Catherine de Aragon, when she traveled to England to marry with Enrique VIII took, like part of his ajuar, to several of these animal to be used there, liking who put itself very fashionable then and who continued very being appreciated in the days of Isabel I and of Maria Estuardo.