WEIGHT: 40-50 pounds
HEIGHT: 20-26 inches
COAT; Short/dense
COLOR: Merle, black/tan
OTHER NAMES: Catahoula Hog Dog, Catahoula Cur
GROUP: Herding

Servant in Louisiana by the primitive colonists. He must his name to the fact that he was particularly popular in the parish of Catahoula and which his mantle is to spots, like the one of the leopard.

Description: Height of the males: 55-63 cm; the females, 50-58; weight of the males: 27-36 kg; the females: 22-31. It has thick, compact, dense and short the hair. The coloration of the mantle is normally blue-gray, punteado or stained of black, red or yellow. The units with the eyes turkish blue color especially are appreciated.

Character: Affectionate, adiestrable, enamored with its master, but very aggressive as guard dog.

Use: Still today is used it like conductive dog of herds, able to maintain the order between ovines, bovines, pigs, even in very ample territories. Also it is used successfully in the hunting of raccoons and squirrels.