COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 10-18 pounds
HEIGHT: 12-13 inches
COAT: Long, silky, free from curl, ample
COLOR: Black/tan, solid red, red/white, and tricolor
GROUP: Gun Dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of English origin is a Spaniel in miniature that can reach of 30 to 33 cm of height with 6 to 9 kg of weight. Its flat head stands out front, great and dark eyes more separated than the normal thing with the high, long ears that fall to the sides of the face. Its coat is long and silky with strips of hair of intense color like black and fire, red solid, red target and tricolor. The tail is provided to the dimensions of the body takes in movement demonstrating joy to it.

Within the Toy, the Spaniel miniature is chosen by their gentleness and affection. They need affection, complies to the pleasures of the life quickly, as to sleep in the bed with its master, to eat of its plate, etc. very clean, educated and graceful ideal Dog for apartments. They learn with facility, can teach so that chanclas approaches his to him or the newspaper to him by the mornings. Many choose to have more than one.

The puppy of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can weigh 1.5 kg when arriving at its house, will be an affectionate being needed much smoothness, gentleness and affection. It will have to present/display a clean and shining hair. He is advisable not to try to the Cavalier like a small dog and fragile, it is necessary to remove it from stroll so that it realises much exercise and it takes fresh air. It has tendency to get fat until arriving at the obesity, the feeding must be controlled, to avoid the treats and the rest of food.