COUNTRY: Czechoslovakia
WEIGHT: 62-75 pounds
HEIGHT: 24-26 inches
COAT: 1 to 3 inches of bristly
COLOR: liver/white, with or without ticking
OTHER NAMES: Rough-coated Bohemian
Pointer, Czech Coarsehaired Pointer, Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer
GROUP: Gun Dog

Brief Historical Summary: Before World War I, the Cesky Fousek was the dog of more important sample of peolo rough in the region of present Czechoslovakia. Due to the World war and consequences, the CF estubvo on the brink of madness extinc ion in the middle of the Twenties. In the future, a regenarión of this race from original typical individuals seted out, by means of a planned selection took place the type modermo of CF, which at present occupies second place and n number between the races of used dogs of hunting in the Republics Czech and Slovakian.The CF is a noble dog of stature sample median and to der rough hair that owns innate qualities for the work in the field, the water and the forest, so that its utility is multiple. In spite of being a bloody hunter, s and it lets guide easily and it has developed the attachment towards the man.

The thin head is inserted by above of the neck, he is something it narrows and it releases. The snout is either npoco the more long qu eel cránero and the nasal cane moderately is bent.

Convex Moderadamnete in the frontal region and superior and a little cleared; in the males qu is ampler een the females. The surface arcs, marked and prominent, give the impression that the head is square and that the orbits are more pro covers. The bone occipital is little remarkable.