WEIGHT: 64-75 pounds
HEIGHT: 23-26 inches
COAT: Short with thick, and very coarse
COLOR: Dead grass most desirable, liver to hay color ok
GROUP: Gun Dog

The origin of this race is rather unusual and well is documented. In 1807, an English boat that was in route towards England on board took to two tuna puppies of Newfoundland (one brown and another black), when it was shipwrecked in the coast of Maryland. An American boat called “the Corner” went to its rescue and, in gratefulness, the dogs were given to them. Later, in the United States, these dogs were cruzados with pointers of curly and smooth hair and also with Irish water dogs. The result is the one that we know today like pointer of the Bay of Chesapeake. The standard for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was defined in 1885.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever presents/displays an agile and powerful line. One, among other things, characterizes by his length median and its high ears, that excel of proportionate a good head. The nose is of length median and presents/displays a strong jaw. The coat is dense and it is characterized by the secretion of a protective oil that it waterproofs to the dog in front of the cold water (in which it likes to swim) and it provides a characteristic scent to him.
It is a vivacious dog and it cheers, that does not fail to take advantage of any occasion to play. It likes the water and nondoubt in jumping in her when it has occasion. It requires a firm and patient training, given tendency to independence.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is doubtlessly the best dog cold water collector, a task for which is particularly well equipped by its insulating skin (due to the oil secretion that it protects to him of the cold water). Their fingers present/display a interdigital membrane that allows him to swim more easily.