WEIGHT: 40-53 pounds
HEIGHT: 20 1//2-23 inches
COAT: Short/smooth
COLOR: Tricolor in a broken pattern
GROUP: Hound

This French bloodhound, is a dog of rnediano size, smooth hair, provided well and with a good musculatura. Of constitution not very great, in their characteristics a little remembers, as much to the old French bracos (to which reference in the popular name is also made of Briquet, deformation of “Braquet”, that in old French means “small braco”) like also to the Norman dogs of sign, mainly in the head. One moves with walking regular sharp and that knows to maintain during long-hauls. The skin, heavy thickness and, are covered by smooth, dense and strong hair. The layer, that at a time was white and orange, today, as a result of the multiple crossovers, is tricolor, with predominance of the leonado one in its diverse tonalities.

This race of French sign descends, in line direct, of the great dog d’Artois, whose origins are in the dog of San Huberto of black layer. The present dog, has obtained itself by means of a selection of the smallest units of the old artesian race with the introduction later, almost surely, of blood of the Briquet Norman. Like result, a dog of good resistance, smaller has obtained itself of able size and, therefore, to also hunt in the underbrush, with a very fine sense of smell that allows him to recognize and to follow signs, not very fresh, even apt for the hunting of the hare but it does not stop the one of greater animal. Still today very it is spread by all France, nevertheless, practically is not known in the other European countries.