WEIGHT: 1-6 pounds​
COAT: Short/smooth; or long/ soft
COLOR: Any color
GROUP: Southern

The Chihuahueño is the smallest race of dog and receives its name by Chihuahua in Mexico domesticated place where it was shortage and of its wild state. More like Chihuahua is known. Nevertheless the official name of the race is Chihuahueño, [1] chihuahua is the name adopted in the United States of America for the race because by phonetic questions of the English language phoneme “n” does not exist.

Somewhat greater race associated with the royalty in the well-known civilization is thought that they are descending of one old one, similar but tolteca like techichi (since if have been rest of small dogs in old tombs in Mexico).

The Chihuahueños was taken to the United States by North American visitors who visited the North of Mexico and presented/displayed in fairs canófilas where she was presented world-wide level. The Americans insist on naming it Chihuahua, nevertheless their official name is Chihuahueño.

As we see the history of the race is uncertain, nevertheless it is possible to be said that it is a race of Mexico. Slight knowledge of the beginnings of the race in several engravings of the mesoamericanas cultures of Mexico are had. From the North of the Republic happening through the center to Yucatan (the South). Furrowing the Toltecas cultures, Aztecs, Teotihuacanos and Mayas.

Another theory says that they populated the continent because they were brought by the first settlers who happened through the Straits of Bering (theory nonverified), or which they were brought to Mexico by the Spaniards at the time of the colony from China.

Another theory says that the Chihuahueño is the result of the crossing among others old races that inhabited old Mexico.

One of the first theories was that simply they vivian in wild state in the Mexican state of Chihuahua and that they were domesticated by the people of the region until arriving by the commerce at practically all the pre-Columbian Mexico.