Stature: of 21 to 27 inches.
Weight: of 55 to 70 inches.
COAT: Short, smooth, dense
COLOR: Tawny
GROUP: Northern

his race descends from a unique predecessor born in 1917, Chinook, a crossing of Husky Groenlandés and San Bernardo. Its descendants inherited its color, size and intelligence. As much chinook as twelve of their descendants was used in the Antarctica expedition of Admiral Byrd, in 1929, establishing records of shot of sleigh by distance, weight and speed. Unfortunately, Chinook father died in this expedition. The race almost died in 1980, when they were only 11 dogs of which to raise, but has grown in numbers lately.

Dog of great, powerful average stature to. Of long body but that high, has a wide skull, with nose in the form of cone or that is narrowed according to approaches the nose. Almendrados eyes of color coffee; their ears can be raised, fallen or by halves. The tail presents/displays saber form, the covered feet good of hair. The double mantle layer presents/displays a clear brown-doradesco color of to dark along with black marks in the ears and snout.

Loyal, working it last and versatile. Friendly and calmed; reserved, but nonaggressive with strangers. Intelligent, it alerts and enterable, slow madurador. One takes with children and other animal well.