WEIGHT: 45-70 pounds
HEIGHT: 19-20 inches
COAT: Long coat
COLOR: Any solid color, as tan, red, cream, blue, black, silver gray
GROUP: Northern

The Chow Chow is an original race of dog of China. with the appearance of a small lion and its language is of a blue-violáceo tone. Throughout history he has been used like hunter, and like gunner of sleighs by monks of Manchuria although with little success since is not fast nor good gunner, by this guardian of Buddhist temples was used like dog.

In some parts of Asia the young by its meat, that is considered to manjar. In fact, the translation of the word chow- chow is food food

The Chow Chow is a dog of robust body that on a par goes of its ample skull and its small triangular ears slightly cleared in the end forwards takes and them separated with the end slightly inclined which always are raised. Their eyes are dark, from brown to black always small, of almendrada form. The nose is completely black and widens except in the Chow of color cream and target, in which the pink color is admitted. The mouth is strong and widens. They have a characteristic movement in “shanks”, due to the peculiar conformation of his back legs, which lack angle, and it does to him that it seems that walks on zancos.

It is a dog of agile and balanced movement. Uniting the legs in parallel two to two in the movement. This race has a very dense coat that can be rough or smooth, which is accumulated in greater amount in its neck, having given him its distinguishing gullet or horsehair. Its coat can be of red, black, blue color, cinnamon and cream. Those that has multicoloured coat or with spots are considered outside the standards of the race. Chow chow is distinguished by their unusual language of black-bluish color or purple and forts legs. The gene for the black-bluish language/purple usually is dominant in this race, and also it usually it is in the mixed races originating of a Chow Chow.