COUNTRY: Great Britain
WRIGHT: 35-65 pounds
COAT: Thick, silky/straight, abundant feathering
COLOR: Lemon/white or orange/white
GROUP: Gun Dog

There are no references before half-full of century XIX. Theory, that it indicates that this race is original of France, indicates that Duke de Noailles during the time of the French Revolution, and because of this one, had to give perrera appraised his of spaniels to the Duke of Newcastle, in the park of Clumber in Nottinghamshire, England, to avoid that they were sacrificed, and from these units this race would have been developed. Another theory maintains that it was developed in Great Britain from the oldest races of spaniels of hunting, perhaps crossing them Basset Hounds or Bloodhound.

Anyway, than he is safe is that this race acquired its name of the Clumber park (Clumber Park), place where the Duke of Newcastle received these dogs. In addition, it has been indicated that the forester of the Duke, William Mansell, would have been the one who developed and improved this race.

Prince Alberto, consorte of queen Victoria, was a promotional fanatic and of this race, like his son, king Eduardo VII, raised who them in the locality of Sandringham, in Norfolk, England.

The race was exhibited in England from 1859 in future. Some references exist on this one in the newspaper of queen Victoria, for example, the 16 of October of 1840 she wrote: “I walked towards outside directly after the breakfast before Alberto went to throw. It had his 7 fine Clumber Spaniels with us and we were towards the hills, with funny an old forester, the Walters, so that I could see as the dogs found their prey. They are dogs very considered, pleasant”.

The race was not very well-known in the United States before years 60. In 1844, Lieutenant Venables, an official of the British regiment destined in Halifax, New Scotland, introduced the Clumber Spaniel to North America. The first Clumber Spaniel including in the registry of the American Kennel Club dates from around 1878 and the unit was called “Bustler”, a white and orange dog of property of Youngest child Smith de Nueva Scotland.