COUNTRY: Madagascar
WEIGHT: 12-15 pounds
HEIGHT: 10-12 inches
COAT: Long, cottony
COLOR: White/champagne
GROUP: Gun Dog

400 canine races exist more than, a sufficient diversity like so that wishes to acquire a dog, the puppy can choose like companion that agrees to him more, therefore, and so next we expose, we want to make clear that we did not try to influence in anybody, but, simply, to inform into one of these races: the COTON OF TULÉAR. The race that to our family, after a long comparative study of different races that can coexist in a floor, has convinced to him like most appropriate for the domestic coexistence, that in spite of being an almost not known race in Spain and, nevertheless, we think that it has many of the necessary characteristics like being the best dog of company.

The Coton, in spite of so large reduced his, hoards many of the virtues that can be demanded a domestic dog: good adaptation to live in the reduced space of an apartment, is clean, nondumb the layer, nor leaves bad scents, does not bring about allergies in humans, is patient with the old children and, juguetón, intelligent, loyal and very obedient to its owner and learns all whatever quickly is taught to him.

The present COTON OF TULÉAR is of Madagascan origin, it saturated in France does about 30 years and thence it is extending slowly to the rest of Europe. There is many legend around the origin of this race, perhaps most romantic is the one than it makes reference to the shipwreck of a French ship in the coasts of the Eastern Africa, in which unique the three survivors were two beautiful females of “bichón Maltese” and a robust “mousy” male and whom isolated in those inhospitable earth they gave like origin this to beautiful and robust dog. Legend to margin, suspects that this race is probably a evolution of “bichón Maltese”, that for some unknown reason perhaps arrived until Madagascar in century XVI, like left survivors of some shipwreck or in the island by the crew of some ship, was crossed some original dog of the island of native race and with the passage of the years the present COTON arose FROM TULÉAR.

The “Coton” grew up isolated in that insular territory, adapted to the humid and warm conditions of the tropical, vague climate nomadic by the island, hunting and procuring the sustenance in hard competition with other adapted mammals more. Later it was domesticated and used like sheepdog. The first news that in Europe are had of this race, date from 1648; when Étienne de Flacourt commander of the French troops in Fort Duaphin wrote on a small dog of white color and castrates similar to the cotton, very similar to a small fox, that was throughout of the island. Later, another French, Guillaume Grandinier, related the existence of wild dogs that vagaban nomadic by all the island of Madagascar.