COUNTRY: Czechoslovakia
WEIGHT: 13-20 pounds
HEIGHT: 10V2-14 inches
COAT: Long, fine and silky, with a tendency to wave
COLOR: Blue-gray
OTHER NAMES: Bohemian Terrier
GROUP: Terrier

This race of dog is original of Czechoslovakia, builds of the breeder Frantisek Horák. Mr. Frantisek Horák initiated the raising of these Klánovice units near the Prague in the year of 1949 and is the result of a consequent crossover between a male Terrier de Sealyham and Scottish a Terrier female; but even though that still is considered like a rare race, it was recognized officially by the ICF in 1963 and later, around 1987 the Cesky was concerned to the United States where it stops 1993 already were 150 enrolled units.

What more flame the attention of this terrier, is certainly its layer of blue color pie or clear coffee, with silky reflections; although it owns a similarity with a Sealyham Terrier. The Cesky Terrier has a long head, a thick beard, a moustache, and eyebrows. It is a dog of legs short, but agile and resistant with squared form, and hanging ears and of medium size.