COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: Less than 9 pounds
COAT: Smooth, wire
COLOR: One color includes reds or yellows
two-color black/tan, chocolate/tan, gray/tan, or white/yellow
OTHER NAMES: Zwergteckel
GROUP: Hound

Dachshund (“dog tejón” in German), also called teckel, dackel or dog sausage, is a canine race. Its peculiar appearance must to a well-known genetic mutation like bassetismo, that it equips to the units with very short extremities in relation to the size with the body.

Engravings of Old Egypt exist where they appear dogs of short legs. Nevertheless, the race we know as it comes from the selection of bloodhounds affected Germans of bassetismo very apt for the hunting of rabbit, hare, tejón and other prey within the madrigueras. One thinks that the oldest variety is the one of short hair; the varieties of hard and long hair later arose by means of the crossing with grifones and epagneul, respectively.

The first club of the race is based on Germany in 1888, writing up first the standard, although exemplary of this race already years before in canine exhibitions in England had been presented/displayed.

The popularity of teckel has been due to a great extent to being one of the races preferred by the European monarchies, including the one of queen Victoria, that was particularly enthusiastic of this race.

The ICF decided to create Group only IV for this race, since in spite of being a madriguera dog, their character and constitution are much of terrier.