COUNTRY: Denmark
HEIGHT: 27 1/2-29 1/2 inches
COAT: Short, harsh
COLOR: Light or brownish yellow, black
GROUP: Mastiff
The Broholmer is a dog race, of the group of the molosos. They come from mastines sent from England to the great Danish gentlemen and there they were bred with the dogs that already they had. Probably at the outset they were rather a type of Great Danish, who ended up evolving in the present Broholmer.

The type of this race has been known from the Average Age, when he was used like a hunting dog (red deer hunting). Later it was used mainly like a dog feudal guardian for great farms and earth. By the end of century 18, these dogs were bred in pure race and increased in number thanks to Count Sehested de Broholm, of that this race has inherited the name. After World War II the race was almost extinct, but around 1975 a fan group was in charge of the safekeeping of the race, later, organized under the name “Society for the reconstruction of the Broholmer race” and supported by the Kennel Danish Club they began the work of reconstruction of the race.