Dog Breeds: List of Breeds of Dogs

A breed of dog or canine race is a group of dogs that have very similar or almost identical characteristics in their aspect or behavior or generally in both, mainly because come from a select system of ancestors that had the same characteristics. The dogs have been matched up selectively to obtain characteristic specific by thousands of years. The selections would initially have concentrated in domestication and useful behaviors as the abilities for the hunting. More ahead, the dogs also were selected to obtain attractive and distinguishing morphologies, giving by result an extensive variety of types.

Many traditional breeds of dogs recognized by the main associations of canine registries denominate “pure races/breeds”. Only individual whose parents and ancestors are of pure race they consider pertaining to this race. This concept has caused controversy due to the difficulty of regulation and the possible genetic consequences of a limited population (endogamia). Recent works have been realized to classify the different races, with some results that surprised with respect to the estimations of age of the race and their interrelations with other chaste ones.

Before a type of dog breed is clear like of true race, it must generally demonstrate that the connection of a pair of that type always produces dogs that have the same characteristics that the parents, as much in aspect as in behavior. This is known like positive result of race. Many related questions exist and so positive result of race is considered.  Learn much about dog nutrition before getting a dog.  Large dogs can always best be kept in a chain link dog kennel as long as you have a big yard to make up for the smaller house.