COUNTRY: Argentina
WEIGHT: 80-100 pounds
HEIGHT: 24-27 inches
COAT: Short/thick/smooth
COLOR: White
OTHER NAMES: Argentinian Mastiff
GROUP: Mastiff

It is the first and until now unique created canine race in Argentina. He was developed in years 20 by an Argentine doctor of Cordova, the Dr. Antonio Nores the Martinez, who next to their Agustín brother wanted to have a dog that reunited a series of conditions that made it apt for the greater hunting of depredadoras species like puma, the wild boar, the fox, etc. important Era that it adapted to the natural conditions of the country, completely different to which they exist in the European boundaries of hunting Acquired in Europe the best dogs of different races: the Great Danish Arlequín or Dogo de Hulm to give him greater raised, Bull-Terrier, English Bulldog and Boxer to increase its value, resistance and tenacity in the fight, Mastín of the Pyrenees to affirm the white mantle, giving him also to force and adaptability to all the climates, Spanish Mastín to give so large and rusticity him, the Pointer that returned sense of smell gave him and mainly the venteo that allows the Argentine Bulldog to arrive directly at the prey being taken the wind and not giving after the sign like the Wolf Hound that has given raised speed him and.

The Bulldog of Bordeaux contributed its forceful jaw to him. The result was a healthy dog of mind and body along with a temperament and extremely stable character. It is a very versatile dog, with a strong hunting instinct, guardian delhombre and his home, dog search and rescues, drug detector, and as dog lazarillo demonstrates the nobility of its race.

It puts a height of 60 to 65 cm. and a weight, of 40 to 46 kg His eyes are dark, of enduring, intelligent, arrogant glance. The eyelids must be of black color or of clear color, the red eyelids or the clear eyes reduce puntaje. It is covered with a completely white mantle. All spot of any color must be rejected like atavic character. Its located ears. Its snout is strong in the top of the head are turgid or semi turgid. Its snout strongly is pigmented of black color.