COUNTRY: Netherlands
WEIGHT: 50 pounds
HEIGHT: 22-25 inches
COAT-; Thick/ straight,
COLOR: White, brown, orange
GROUP: Gun Dog

It is the dog of ideal hunting for the hunter of the Netherlands who looks for relaxation without needing realising much physical effort in the different types from land.
During the hunting, the dog investigates the field without moving away necessarily of the distance of the shot of the hunter and staying in contact with the hunter. When approaching the prey one stays to a moderate distance and it shows the prey of an excellent way.

During the sample, the dog waits for until the hunter has approached and turns around to look for it if this one takes in arriving. Its adaptability allows that he is useful for the hunting of all type of wild animal, as much in the Earth as in the water.

In addition it is a good dog to bring things or to look for which are had lost. These are natural qualities of the dog, reason for which needs little training. Due to his adaptable character, it could be counter-productive a forced training.

The race had its origin in century XII from dogs of sample coming from Spain that arrived through France and Spanioles or Scioenes was called to them. In the Netherlands it was known them like Patrijshonde (hunting dogs). These dogs were bred like pure race in the region This, mainly in the province of Drenthe, and they were not mixed with foreign races, as it happened in other regions.