WEIGHT: 33 pounds
HEIGHT: 11 1/2-15
COAT: Short, dense and hard
COLOR: black, or black/tan;
OTHER NAMES: Swedish Dachsbracke
GROUP: Hound

The Drever is a dog of short legs, longilínea constitution, developed good musculatura, flexible walking. It must give to impression of power and robustness more than of refinement and speed. the bearing of the head is noble. The morphologic characteristics differ according to sex.

The shoulder long, wide, is well developed and muscular. The arm is quite long and wide, tightened well against the free and movable chest but being. The forearm is straight, with good bones. Metacarpo must be powerful. Views behind, the back legs must parallel, straight and be well anguladas. The legs are solid, tightened; the very next fingers to each other; the pads, resistant and strong.