WEIGHT: 35-49 pounds
HEIGHT: 18 1/2-21 inches
COAT: Short, thick and straight
COLOR: Tan, black saddle and small, symmetrical white markings
OTHER NAMES: Norwegian Hound
GROUP: Hound

Bloodhound of medium size, strong structure, without giving the impression of being heavy. He must show the tenacious and resistant ability of being. Previous and later extremities or anguladas, causing that the dog remains or balanced in all the instances.

Truffle: Good Black, abiertas windows.

Snout: Rather long that short, of cuts square. Straight nasal cane and uniformly widens.

Bitten: Of scissors.

Cheeks: Cleanings, without prominent pómulos.

Eyes: Great, but nonprotuberant, rather round, of dark color. Eyes of color different in dogs “Blue are allowed to mer to him”. Eyes expressive, shining of intelligence, calm and honesty. Adherent eyelids good.

Ears: Of average implantation, rather it lowers that high. Hanging near the face, smooth, of average width, falling towards the round end. Flat, without dobleces. Not very short, but sufficiently long to reach half of the snout when they are stretched forwards.